Independent Author of the Week Grant Leishman


(Pictured is Grant with his beautiful wife Thess and his seven step-children)

Who is Grant Leishman – Author? #IAOTW

Five Things you possibly did not know about Grant:

1/ In a previous life, Grant was a respectable accountant – What happened? Well you may ask.
You can read all about Grant’s journey to the depths of despair and his ultimate resurrection, in his fictionalised account of the life and times of a VERY naughty boy – JUST A DROP IN THE OCEAN – Heavily discounted to just 0.99c for your reading edification.

2/ In his next life, Grant pretended to be a journalist, for a couple of years, but when even his friends began walking the other way, when he approached them, he soon decided that career wasn’t for him.

3/ Finally, at the age of 52, Grant left Godzown country (New Zealand), for the tropical paradise of The Philippines, where he has lived for the past eight years and finally found his true bliss, as a full-time author.

4/ Grant is the proud father of two children, seven step-children and at last count eleven apo (Grandchildren), with two more on the way. His greatest love in life is being a lolo (Grandfather) to his apo.

5/ Grant’s biggest ambition is to one day meet some of the awesome friends and fellow authors he has had the privilege to come into contact with through the online community.

(Pictured is Grant with his beautiful wife Thess and his seven step-children)


The Importance of Reading #IAOTW

Before I became an author, I was a keen reader. As a child, I was indoctrinated into reading by my father, (Thank you Dad!) but as time went on and life got busy, reading was something that was put on the back burner. Since becoming an author, I have rediscovered my love of the written word, from a reader’s perspective and I now read VORACIOUSLY.

I only read Indie books and I review every book I read, on my website:

Last year, I read 145 books and this year I am on target to reach, hopefully 200. One of my favorite bits of fun each year is my Annual Grunter Awards, where I choose my top three books, read, in a variety of genres and award them as winners (although, in my opinion, I think they’re all winners). This culminates in the Supreme Grunter Award, which recognises my absolute favourite book of the year.

Past winners of the Supreme Grunter Award are: Lucinda E Clarke, Paulette Mahurin and last year, Mary Anne Yarde. There are some absolutely fabulous indie authors out there and I am just humbled and proud to be one of them. My Grunter Awards are just my little way of saying – well done guys (to all of you!)


What’s your genre Grant? #IAOTW

SHEESH! I don’t know, do I? I’ve been writing now for a few years and I still haven’t figured it out. Basically, I write what I want. Perhaps that will never make me a J K Rowling or even an Amazon Best Seller, but hey! I’m fifty-nine now, and I think I’ve reached the age where I can do what pleases me.

I’ve written semi-fantasy (The Second Coming Trilogy), Horror/Paranormal (The Photograph & Paranormal Alley), Crime/Romance (Just A Drop in the Ocean), a book with two other Authors (Tortured Minds) and my latest novel, a historical romance (Love Beyond). Love Beyond will get published one day – when I find time to edit it. It is finished, though.

What I do like doing is stretching my boundaries as a writer and a story-teller. I write whatever comes into my head and that’s that. Some of the greatest fun I’ve had as an author was on Tortured Minds, where Colin Griffiths, Rachel McGrath, and I got together to write a paranormal thriller with three different main characters and three possible endings (each by one of us). A weird idea – sure! But it was so much fun to write and even if it didn’t sell well I don’t care, I’m really proud of it – I would do it again tomorrow, in a heartbeat. Those two are nuts to work with and actually pretty damn good writers (but don’t tell them I told you that!)

I don’t know what I’ll write next – I’ll just wait till the inspiration strikes me – but whatever it is – rest assured it will be what I want to do.

You can check out all of my many and varied genres here on my Amazon Page:


The Holy Trilogy (Or should that be the Unholy Trilogy?) #IAOTW

The very first book I ever wrote was a semi-fantasy called The Second Coming. I knew I wanted to be an author, but I had no idea what to write about. When I looked at Amazon, I noticed a little book called The First Phonecall From Heaven by Mitch Albom was currently the number one.

AHA! I thought in a eureka moment. God Sells! So I started thinking – what if God looked down on earth at the mess man had created and decided to destroy it and humanity along with it, declaring it to be a failed experiment? He would start again. Jesus, however intervened and was given one last chance to turn us all around and just like that, The Second Coming was born.

It started as a novel, but as I got closer to the end, it just begged me for further exploration of the characters and the situation – thus a trilogy was born.

The Second Coming
Rise of the AntiChrist
Holy War

Come and take a look at the unholy, holy alliance, here on my Amazon page:



Now, collaboration may well be a dirty word in the world of Ellie Midwood’s French Resistance, but in the world of Indie Authors, collaboration, cooperation, mutual support, love, friendship and internet hugs, are exactly what it is all about.

The Indie Author community has to be one of the most supportive groups of people I’ve ever come across. Yeah, sure, every so often you do meet a pushy, arrogant, self-important, jumped up knob, but 99.9999999% of the people I meet in this community are absolutely wonderful, caring and helpful individuals.

Early on, I realised I couldn’t survive as an author alone (bills still have to be paid) so I decided to use the one other skill I have, as an editor and proofreader to try to make some coin to keep the wolves from the door.

And here comes collaboration!!!! In association with the multi-talented Rachel McGrath, I launched the Author Resource Centre: to offer a full set of services, with excellence, at a reasonable price.

Rachel handles all the artistic stuff (covers, trailers, etc) and I concentrate on the tedious, but very necessary bits, like editing and proofreading. Each to their own talents!

If you need help, in any way, do stop on by and drop us a note. We’d love to help make your publishing experience painless and seamless.



Wanna free book?

I’ve got a fantastic one for you. It’s a collection of paranormal/horror/twisty, short stories that is right up your alley – your, PARANORMAL ALLEY, so to speak.

All you need to do is join my website, when you see the pop-up or click on the banner at the top of the page, if a pop-up doesn’t appear – sign up and the book is yours.

Paranormal Alley is just a wee bit special to me as it is a collaboration between my twenty-something son, Chris and his fifty-something-something Dad. He wrote half the stories, I wrote the other half and frankly, his aren’t half bad (for an amateur 🙂).

In the vernacular of WWE Wrestling (my son’s big thing!) it is Tag-Team Literature.

So, join up today and score a free copy of Paranormal Alley.


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