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On a mixed up rainy, sunny day,
The rainbow monsters love to play.

Jump on a cloud and join the rainbow monsters in their fun and games. Come and meet each of the monsters and learn the colours of the rainbow.


Tom is a jolly, clumsy and wonderfully mixed up gnome who lives with his fellow gnomes in their very happy tree home in Raisin House Garden.

It is time for the gnomes yearly Cake Sale and Party, an event that every gnome looks forward to. Each has a part to play, including Tom, though his clumsiness may get in the way.

In the process he will learn that everyone has special talents, and sometimes, those talents can make even the biggest mix up, better. Activities included.


Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day always has a positive message included in each imaginative, inspiring, and rhythmic story it tells. Furthermore, it is sure to be a joyful and entertaining read for you and every beloved child in your life.


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Molly is a student in Naiad school for witches. She can be a little bit cheeky sometimes and likes to do things in her own little ways. Molly and her teacher are constantly at loggerheads with each other. One time she made a sunshine spell but it rained frogs for a week! Molly has to take a very important spell exam that will take her to the next level of witchery. If this spell is not done correctly, well it could be a catastrophe. Will Molly follow the instructions carefully or decide to do things her way? A book about the importance of listening. Activities included.


All the Rainbow Monsters
are Mindful Monsters too,
Respecting one another,
like all good monsters do.
The Rainbow Monsters are back, teaching you how to be mindful. If you want to grow up as fit, healthy, happy and strong as a monster, join them in their colourful antics.


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