Historical Fiction 2

No memory of his past, sentenced to death for a duel gone horrid, Lochlanaire Blackheart is commanded by King William to hunt Siren Rain. She’s the illegitimate daughter of ousted King James II. In capturing his prey, Lochlanaire must retrieve the ruby signet Siren dons. That jewel is the talisman of King James II, which proves Siren’s ancestry. Lochanaire, however, is unaware that at the moment he casts sail aboard his ship, Siren’s been kidnapped by his pirate brother, Zore. Lochlanaire must battle this cutthroat for the princess, spinning Siren into his web of treachery. Afterward, they’re shipwrecked, entwined in a union of inconvenience when Lochlanaire weds Siren under the witchery of gypsies. Lochlanaire soon enlightens Siren of her true father’s identity. She seduces her captor, desperate to conceive Lochlanaire’s child. She believes he cannot surrender her to die at King William’s hangman’s noose if their blood unites. When Lochlanaire’s stalked by a ghoul slaughtering the pirates aboard his ship, he never realizes that this fiend possesses a wicked secret. Siren must unravel all the Blackheart brothers’ secluded evils and save Lochlanaire, for he threads together a travesty by which to sacrifice himself to King William, all while opposing the two seething brothers who seek his demise for the tragedies reaped in Lochlanaire’s shattered past. If Lochlanaire fails to evade the death shroud shadowing his footfalls, Siren will lose the breath-wrenching privateer who is her assassin hunter, the possessor of her lusty soul, and her only love.


The first volume in the An American Family series takes the reader back to fifteenth century England and the tiny fishing village of Porlock where the Snow family had its roots. It tells the story of the relationship between the Snow family and their benevolent noblewoman, Lady Harrington and how they avoid the crown’s high taxes and intrusion into their lives. It is a fascinating and sometimes heart-breaking glimpse of how hardand precious life was in medieval times. Based on the author’s own genealogy, its characters come alive in the pages of this book.


The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series is a historical-fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene during the so called “missing years” and throughout their lives. The introductory novel, “Miriamne the Magdala”, explores the deeply personal relationship between twelve year old Miriamne and her long lost cousin Yeshua bar Joseph. Their tale begins with an unexpected reunion of two Jewish Houses and goes on to explain how a family brought together by a seeming circumstance is ultimately tied together by Destiny. When a family tragedy strikes, and Yeshua and Miri are placed in a dangerous situation, heavenly forces intervene and a divine legacy that must be kept secret to all but their closest family members is revealed.


Movie buff Nadine Hall has landed the perfect job as a caregiver for an archaeologist in Mougins, near Cannes, shortly before the film festival. But her blissful existence with her charge, Lilly Somerville, and her sister Viv who suffers from dementia, is soon shattered with the arrival of Lilly’s daughter, Katrina, who wants Nadine gone. Emotionally and mentally scarred following a personal tragedy, Nadine can hardly cope with the unpleasant chain of events. When she is entrusted by an antiquarian to return a package to Lilly-mistakenly placed among a collection of books she had given to him-Nadine discovers it is actually Lilly’s account of her life in German occupied Paris. The notebook, she believes, could bring her closer to the woman she idolises, and give her the upper hand on Katrina. However, Nadine’s audacious scheme backfires with grave consequences.


Winner of the 2017 outstanding historical book of the year, The IAN Awards
Silver Medallist, the 2017 Readers’ Favourite Awards
The 2017 Finalist, Indie Excellence Awards.

The multi-award-winning author of The Guardian of Secrets, Dark Shadows, and The Errant Flock presents the Multi Award Winning, Swearing Allegiance: The Carmody Saga.

“A rich, eloquent story of love and betrayal set during the First World War”

An Irish Easter uprising lays waste to Dublin and fractures a British Empire struggling to supply men and arms to defeat Germany.

In Dublin’s ruins, the affluent and celebrated Carmody family are not only forced to confront the rebellion’s devastating effects on their personal lives but also the terrible secrets and lies uncovered in the midst of grief.

Forced to abandon their home in the Irish capital for London, each family member must strive to survive poverty, the horrors of war, and personal bouts with excessive pride and passion – but loyalty to family proves to be the most difficult cross to bear.

Danny, the youngest, is an Irish Republican rebel who risks everything to fight for an independent Ireland.

Patrick, a surgeon, swears allegiance to Britain and joins His Majesty’s Royal Navy, which is engaged in tense battles to control the seas.

Jenny, self-entitled and strong willed sees her wedding plans and grand ambitions disintegrate. With a fiancé incarcerated in a rebel prison camp and no prospects of her own, she faces a dismal life in one of London’s munitions factories – until a personal, cataclysmic event changes her life and perception of love forever.

“It is good to read such an enthralling account of the period with well-drawn characters to genuinely care about – this is a real page turner.”


One of the darkest times in human history was the insane design and execution to rid the world of Jews and “undesirables.” At the hands of the powerful evil madman Adolf Hitler, families were ripped apart and millions were slaughtered. Persecution, torture, devastation, and enduring the unthinkable remained for those who lived. This is the story of one woman who lived to tell her story. This is a narrative of how a young beautiful teenager, Helen Stein, and her family were torn asunder, ultimately bringing her to Auschwitz. It was there she suffered heinous indignity at the hands of the SS. It was also there, in that death camp, she encountered compassion, selfless acts of kindness, and friendship. Written by the award-winning, best-selling author of His Name Was Ben, comes a story of the resilience of the human spirit that will leave you thinking about Helen Stein and The Seven Year Dress for years to come after the last page is shut.


In GUARDIANS AND OTHER ANGELS, best-selling author Linda Lee Greene captures the evolution of two families over the early to late decades of the twentieth century. A warm and generous work of historical fiction, each character is intricately rendered, each one sculpted so precisely into the matrix of the families and their environment that we come away with a greater understanding of the mystifying ties of kinship, the everlasting call of home. Based on actual events, and featuring dozens of authentic personal letters written by the story’s principles, Greene delivers a seamless blend of fact and fiction in her multi-layered novel. “Reminiscent of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘Angela’s Ashes,’ one only has to read those Pulitzer Prize winners to appreciate the level of care Greene took in her writing of GUARDIANS AND OTHER ANGELS,” says one reviewer.


In a land ravaged by war the ageing Pendragon, Ambrosius Aurelianus, seeks a successor only to encounter the twin threats of the Saxon advance and treason. He places his trust in Arthur, a man torn between the defence of his country and the defence of the woman he loves.

Set in 497 A.D. Pendragon is based on ancient Welsh sources and features many of the men and women who played a crucial role in Arthur’s life: Bedwyr and Cai, Caradog and Cadwallon, Gwenhwyfar and Eleri. The story culminates in the Battle of Badon, a battle that shaped the Britain we live in today, a battle that placed Arthur’s name in chronicles and histories, a battle that created a legend and a hero for all time.


Selia’s saga continues in Book Two of the SONS OF ODIN series . . .

As Selia struggles with the harsh reality of existence as the wife of a Viking berserker, a devastating loss pulls Alrik deeper into madness, while a secret Selia desperately wants to keep hidden comes to light, threatening everything she holds dear.

Is Selia’s love for Alrik enough to keep her in Norway? Or will the protection offered by Alrik’s brother Ulfrik sway her to leave?


France, 1940

The German army has marched into Paris. Three siblings, three very different people leading very different lives, find themselves face to face with new occupants of their city, and none of them can guess what the occupation has in store for them, and how it will change their lives once and for all.

Giselle Legrand, a renowned novelist and a socialite, encounters an unannounced guest in her apartment – a newly arrived chief of the Gestapo, Sturmbannführer Dr. Karl Wünsche, who is intended to billet there and who soon starts making rather unwelcome changes in Giselle’s lifestyle. Strong-willed and defiant, Giselle gets involved with one of the first Resistance cells, refusing to submit to the newly established authority despite the developing relationship between the two.

Kamille Blanchard, a new widow of the war left alone with a small daughter, is dreading the approaching army. However, she never expected that she could find love in the arms of an officer, who appears at her door as soon as the German army marches in. But will Kamille be able to trust a former enemy when he has to choose between his feelings and the duty for his country?

Marcel Legrand, a former history student and a deserter, fearing the capture by the Germans has no other choice than ask for the help from the ones he used to fear and avoid – the mysterious communists, who call for an uprising and freeing their country from the Nazi plague.

Soon, the fates of all three siblings will become intertwined in a dangerous knot, all of them, fighting for the same goal: a liberated France.

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