Non Fiction

This book is a compendium of over-the-back-fence wisdom from many happily married women. It’s intended for the wife who wants to jazz up a marriage that’s become worn down a bit from the usual demands of adult life.

Marriage is the hardest business on the planet. Work is a piece of cake compared to relationships that tax our entire being: energy, mind, intellect, emotions, and heart. In modern times, people are independent. There is no necessity to stay married, and infatuation withers over the years. So, what to do in case you want to preserve your marriage? For a start, read this book. We create and maintain our relationship and should do so consciously and attentively. It’s an art and needs to be learned. Moreover, a relationship is alive and can die a painful, awful, miserable death.

Julia offers abundant tips and tricks how to keep the fire of passion burning. Do you want to know how to find time for romance in the daily grind? Let her surprise you.

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