Short Stories

A varied collection of flash fiction and short stories, mostly funny, some sad, and others more dramatic and poignant.

From the humour of several twist in the tale type stories to those of the harsh realities of the world we live in, a collection to both entertain and keep the reader guessing. Among such stories: a drastic way of dealing with those annoying cold callers that plague our peace and quiet, poetic justice for those who would profit from the suffering of others, the touching story of how a father helps his young son come to terms with the death of his mother, and a husband’s unique way of saying goodbye.

There are also an additional ten stories from five very talented guest authors, including a hilarious account of an April fool’s joke, a couple of very funny stories and some hard hitting stories of comeuppance, and an intriguing story of a businessman’s unexpected but very welcome encounter with a beautiful young woman.

These and many more…

*With guest contributions from the following authors:

Tom Benson – Lesley Hayes – Peter Nena – John M.W. Smith – Matthew Williams

All the author’s royalties from the sale of this book, excluding those that go to Amazon and other retailers, are being donated to the “Forget-Me-Not” charity for homeless ex-servicemen and those affected by PTSD, details of which can be found at their website:


All proceeds will be donated to Kulture City, an organization aimed to raise Autism Awareness, support acceptance, and giving back to the community.

This anthology includes 20 stories from 21 of your favorite bestselling authors, ranging from so sweet to velvety hot.

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Vampires, Werewolves, Demons and Fallen Angels.

They are all real. They have always been real, and have been secretly ruling the world for thousands of years.

The Insomnoir Pact has kept the peace, between the great dynasties and imperial houses for centuries. More or less…

When the terms of the pact have been breached, when monsters go bad, there is the Circle, those who volunteer to police the world that most people know nothing about.

The 1960s are just starting to swing, and John Hartley is an agent of the Circle. There is a squid-like parasite where his heart used to be, stopping him from aging, making him faster, stronger, and more durable than a mortal. For half a century he has learned to be the cold, calculating, tool that the Circle needs.

When Hartley is sent to the Sussex Coast, to track down a feral Vampire feeding on vulnerable youths, the operation goes sour, with the Agent who is supposed to watch his back never making contact. Hartley sets out to find the missing agent, and instead finds himself in a desperte race against time, to find and protect the heir to a Vampire Dynasty.

This volume contains two Heartless short stories, packed with intrigue, horror, and action.


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