A psychological thriller and an enthralling tale of revenge and police investigation. An upbringing marred by rejection and hurt turns Helen King into a serial killer. Detective Inspector Belinda Brennan and her team are on the hunt for her. How many must die before the team can find a connection? Book 2 The Consequences concludes the story of Betrayal but will Helen go quietly?


Ben Scarrett spends his days drinking coffee and writing analyses of the phenomena known as ‘The Appearances’. That is until his reports cross the desk of a clandestine military agency fighting an undeclared war against an unknown enemy.

Pulled from behind his desk, and partnered with Joanne Kramer, Ben finds himself in a desperate race to save the life of ten-year-old Emily DeForrest.

A girl who may just be the key to keeping the Gates of Hell locked.


The Alpha Squad—an elite United Nations military unit tasked with stopping the world’s most dangerous arms dealers. Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, hidden away in the New Mexico desert.

Phoenix is their newest recruit. Where she came from, nobody knows. Not even Phoenix herself. Amnesia has left her with no past, no identity. The squad is all she has. She wants to prove she belongs there – to the other soldiers, to herself, and to her commanding officer, the formidable General Cobra. Cobra is cold, hard, ruthless. And Phoenix knows he doesn’t trust her.

When they are sent to Colombia together on an assignment, something begins to change between them. They begin to form a friendship, an understanding, and maybe something more.

But Phoenix is about to learn that the past can’t stay buried forever…


Meet Pepper Kane … a sassy ex-reporter, cowgirl, mother of wayward adult kids and daughter of aged parents, who’s putting her brand on a new career in the romantic, mystery-filled modern American West. She has an eye for clues others overlook, and a talent for riding down the deadliest criminals – and lovers.


Trading her reporter’s ID badge for the vocations of selling horse tack and showing horses, Pepper enjoys her new life and friends in Oregon’s Rogue River Valley. While line-dancing with her Brassbottom Barn buddies one night, she learns a prize show horse has been killed. A suspect herself, she must find the killer before the killer closes in on her. Upping the urgency is that she, her horse and her barn buddies travel from Oregon to California for a do-or-die event to qualify for the World Open Western Show in Texas. Pepper also seeks an answer to her heart’s question about her elusive lover, Lakota-tribal policeman Sonny Chief. Refusing to be intimidated, Pepper uncovers fellow competitors’ secrets –one compelling enough to kill for – while finding an answer for her heart.


Dragon of the East is a fast-paced read that will take you on a journey through many levels of corruption. It details how one man brought crime to its knees with his cunning, intelligence and unarmed combat prowess.

A Z McQueen is a Zen Master and Shaolin Monk in China. On his return to the UK, he joins 3PARA and SAS. A VC holder, he proved to be a good soldier and all-round sportsman. With a combined services team, he climbed Everest in record time.

Dragon of the East chronicles McQueen’s’ life as a private investigator — a hero to the people, hugely attractive to the ladies and a destroyer of dark deeds on the mean streets of London, Shanghai or anywhere crime takes him.


In August 2004, close relatives of three recently deceased Glasgow gangsters are looking for answers, and revenge. Those intent on causing more bloodshed have yet to meet each other.

Will they form an alliance, or handle their issues as individuals?

Phil and Annabel have handed over the running of BTL Enterprises, but will they be called out of early retirement?

Why would a flag be flying from a castle ruin on a Scottish island?


Series eBook Box Set (Deadly Secrets/Everything To Lose/The Black Fox)

Introducing Dr Gavin Shawlens and Capt. Zoe Tampsin.
Doomwatch investigators for The Lambeth Group. A covert government department formed to investigate research and technology crimes and disasters.

Gavin is a top research scientist, a reticent loner with past issues haunting him. Zoe is a no-nonsense Special Forces soldier at the top of her game, and she needs all of her impressive skills to protect Gavin while they investigate unspeakable crimes, conspiracy and the outcomes of catastrophic research.


He’s a third-year resident, packed with a loaded past.
She’s hardly a high school grad, stuffed with a truckload of baggage.

Will love bridge the gap?

Or will someone shatter both Ethan’s and Anna’s chance of love and even go as far as murder?

Anna flees from her abusive boyfriend, putting Dallas, Texas and all her sordid friends in the rear-view mirror. Destination…New Orleans where her brother, Jeff, lives. Anna has had a troubled past, and she can’t seem to catch a break. Jeff comes to his sister’s aid and offers a hand, insisting she sees a therapist, hoping to find answers to her self-destructive path. Anna suffers from childhood amnesia. Any memory before ten, she draws a blank.

When Anna meets the neighbor, the alluring,green-eyed Ethan LeBlanc, a third-year resident at a local hospital, a budding romance stirs between the two. However, Jeff puts his foot down, forbidding Anna to date Ethan. According to big brother, Ethan is quite a lady’s man and has left a trail of broken hearts. Jeff is merely looking out for his little sister… or is he?

Soon paranoia sets, and Anna finds her life in one downward spiral. While she scrambles for answers, pushing through the cobwebs between reality and imagination, she realizes someone is trying to harm her.

The question is… Who?

DOUBT, bold and dazzling layered, deeply emotional and all-consuming, the story curves full circle as Anna realizes that trust comes at a price . . . Readers will love every minute, every page. As one now expects from the incredibly talented Jane West, gasp-inducing surprises await.

Jane West is back, burning up the pages with scorching tension,gasp-out-loud surprises, unshakable danger and unexpected surprises. DOUBT is simply impossible to put down. . . . I’m not sure how West is able to do it.


An emotional journey of awakening, through broken trust, heartbreak, and family conflict. Despite being at the depths of despair, in the face of adversity, there is always a belief for the promise of a hopeful future. This is a coming of age story with a difference. It’s 35 year old single mother Mandy who is forced to mature and grow up quickly, by the time we reach the final chapters of this incredible chronicle that takes us from the blindness of naivety into pain, despair and eventually, at great cost, the maturity of hard-won wisdom.

Set in the mid nineteen eighties in Edinburgh, a city dubbed as the drug’s capital of Europe, a place where Mandy faces a mother’s worst nightmare. The warning signs are staring her in the face, but at first she doesn’t heed them. All she wants to do is love, nurture and protect her family, but despite all her efforts she has to stand by, watching helplessly as it fragments, and things fall apart. How does she bring things to a peaceful conclusion? Is it even possible?


Detective Stan Novak’s best friend, reporter Terry Reynolds, is found next to his car – he’s been stabbed and his watch and wallet are missing. No one witnessed the murder and Novak hasn’t got one decent lead to follow. He’s angry and ready to bust heads to get a break.

When Deputy Chief James Galecki wades in and takes over the case, Novak suspects he’s protecting someone but he isn’t in a position to do anything about it.

Something stinks and industrialist Bill Piermont won’t stand for it – his only daughter’s husband is dead. He hires private investigator Nick Borman and gives him instructions: find the killer, no matter who it is or how much it costs.

Borman is set on a collision course with some of the most powerful people in the city and the body count keeps growing, the closer he gets to a cold-blooded killer.

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