Romance 2

Grant remembered waking in a hospital bed with Crystal’s hand on his forehead. And no matter how hard he begged, the girl said she must leave. She needed to get away from her father and couldn’t stay with his family due to the generations-long feud. Crystal joined the Army. So did he. Then he came home, ran for sheriff and won.

The first thing he did when in office was open the file labeled Missing and Presumed Dead. No one had seen or heard from the mother of the Dane children in years. Did her husband kill her as Royce Dane said? If not, how did she disappear without a trace? But things take an odd twist when he discovers his mother’s involvement.

Crystal likes everything about the man Grant is. But she isn’t cut out for mixing in the upper echelon of Chandler County society. Her brother needs to know what happened to their mother, Crystal isn’t so sure she cares. If her mother walked away from her children, Crystal doesn’t need her now.


Jerry has just about got back on his feet following his divorce when he loses his job. Anything which disturbs his routines and habits unnerves him and he struggles to cope.

His neighbour Maggie helps and introduces him to new people. A sequence of events follow enabling him to start over, find romance and battle his demons.

Jerry eventually finds himself in the right place at the right time to help a family in need.


Clara had it all planned out… graduate from college, get married, find her dream job and start a family of her own. When she met Drew during her senior year of college, she was certain he was the Prince Charming she had been waiting for, the one to complete her fairytale life. Turns out life had different plans.

Now a single, middle-aged workaholic, Clara has poured herself into building her career, and those dreams of finding love have taken a backseat to her success. She’s been holding out for someday, but when that day finally comes… will she follow her heart or will fate step in yet again?


They say that home is where the heart is, they were wrong.

For Sam Echo living in a world full of dirty secret’s and harsh words, home has been less than the place her heart resides. Growing up with a father who drinks too much, hates too harshly, and yells to loud. She has given up faith in happiness.

The only thing keeping her from walking away comes down to one thing… her mother – her best friend.

But what happens when it becomes too much?

Can she confront the biggest demon of all… or will the schools bad boy need to step in and be her shield she has been longing for?


When Samantha finds herself surrounded by a wall of self-absorbed employees at her job at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, she realizes her people-pleasing nature is getting her nowhere. Longing for the dynamic lifestyle of her coworker Cara, Samantha decides a walk on the wild side might do her some good. But, when she learns Cara’s been leading a secret life, not the one she portrays at work, Samantha realizes she’s made a mistake.

When her life goes from boring to appalling, Samantha looks for someone to steer her in the right direction, and it’s someone she least expects. Can Samantha trust the newly hired employee in her toxic department? Or, is he the only one that can teach her to embrace who she really is? Sometimes we need a stranger to tell us the truths we don’t want to hear.

The Bridges Before Us teaches us to love ourselves, embrace who we are, and never change for the sake of pleasing others. A captivating, roller coaster ride of drama, humor, and love, guaranteed to make you wonder if you have everything figured out in your life.

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